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Family & Friends Holiday

All Mabaruli itineraries can be combined for Family Safaris, which focus on offering young people plenty of activities to suite their interest while allowing the whole family from Mom, Dad to Grandparents to relax and enjoy the best that Namibia can offer.

Not only will it be a holiday in Namibia, but also and educational experience for the children about Namibia’s fascinating wildlife, landscape and cultural heritage.

All our Tour guides and staff have done numerous family tours and have an in depth experience with family safaris, knowing how to treat the children on tour to make sure they enjoy they holiday with their family.

Children between the ages of 8 and 18 will gain the most from a safari experience in Namibia. 

Being one of the most sparsely populated countries makes Namibia a safe and friendly place to visit, which makes it the ideal family holiday.

From wildlife viewing in Etosha to meeting and learning about new cultures, you children will not only take back fond memories, but also learn a lot while on tour.


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Travelling with children on Safari tips:

Take some entertainment for down time at camps/lodges – Nintendo, colouring stuff, iPods, playing cards, ectMake sure each child have his or her own pair of binoculars; this will also encouraged the children to join in with animal spotting on game viewing safaris.

Buy each child a bird or animal checklist to mark of what they see on their safari drive (Etosha National park and most other wildlife parks have these available at the shops.) Let each child have they own camera, even the cheap throw away camera’s is great for children, when you go back home, you can take it in to develop the photos, it will be a great laugh to see what your child has experienced through his own eyes the safari.

Award them prizes and points for spotting animals, insect, birds and wildlife.

Take sunhats, sun-block and pack a windbreaker for the children.

One of the major questions for any parents is: “what happens if my child gets ill while on tour?’


All our vehicles have a full medical emergency kit and our staffs are trained to use it.

Mabaruli African Safaris is members with EMED RESCUE which provides guaranteed 24/7 access to a doctor or any medical evacuation.

Emergency medical evacuations are incredibly unusual, but all clients travelling with Mabaruli will have the necessary medical evacuation if necessary.

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Southern African Citizens Holiday:

What a great way to travel in Namibia in a custom build safari vehicle with your family and friends. No need to worry to do advance bookings at campsites, what is for dinner, when and where the vehicle must be filled with diesel. Come join Mabaruli African Safaris and we will make your next holiday a memorable one.

This is great way to explore Namibia and really enjoy your holiday. On all Mabaruli African Safaris tours, we try to encourage Southern African Citizens to come explore Namibia. If you are a South African, Namibian, Botswana or Zambian Citizen and you would like to bring your Family or you are a group of Friends and want to come on tour, please do contact us today.

We can tailor-make a safari for you and your family and friends, through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. For Southern African Passport Holders a 10% discount applies on all our tours booked directly with Mabaruli.

Some exciting tours to choose: Can range from Special tailor-made Fishing Tours through Namibia and Botswana to safaris to the Victoria Falls.

For the next April, June and December holiday come and Explore Namibia with Mabaruli.